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This is a raw and vulnerable look at where my mind and life have been recently. Not sharing any photos and I've just posted it as is - forgive any typos and confusion. The act of writing this out has been so helpful for my current mental state. 

It's been days, weeks, and months since I've written, and to be honest I have barely thought about this blog in my little corner of the internet. In this post I'll attempt to account for my disappearance and forecast what's to come.

End of July/August - A whirlwind of packing and saying goodbye to our friends and loved ones. We had a number of get togethers and parties but my favorite was most likely the party we had at Game Craft Brewery in Laguna Hills, California. 
After a week of driving and seeing just about every terrain America has on display we arrived in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our route was Cloudcroft, New Mexico - Glen Rose, Texas - Nashville, Tennessee. 
We left our cat Jones with my parents in Texas as our te…

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