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Fashion Revolution | Day two: Why Slow Fashion?

Remember that Ted talk that was  SOOOOOO popular like 5 years ago about "Why" and how if you can explain your why to someone they will get on board with your message, mission, business, cult, or product? 

I think I heard it about 5 times from 5 different organizations all trying to use pop psychology to either inspire me work for them for free, or give them money. 

Even though I was always skeptical of that Ted talk and even more so when an organization would try to use it with some hidden agenda, apparently it did stick with me. Who knows why? hahahahahah 

Well, anyways. Today I just wanted to briefly share why I got into slow fashion and what the 30 wears movement is. 

My top 3 reasons for joining the slow fashion train....

one, trying to keep up with trends is exhausting and makes me feel terrible. Trends come and go and some are great, but many are not flattering on my body. I would buy a shirt at Target and imagine dreamworld Jenoa wearing it and it always looked perfect. I …

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