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Sunday, May 5th 2019

"I know that some people find comfort in believing that God’s sovereignty, His plan for all things, is behind their suffering and grief. It gives meaning to our grief, I get that. But I don’t think it’s true. In fact, I think that’s a crappy thing to say and a crappy thing to believe about God. God’s sovereignty is not an excuse or a reason for the bad things to happen in our lives: God is light, and there is not darkness in Him. No one will ever convince me that God made my babies die or that God killed our friend with cancer or that a hurricane is an act of God as a punishment for sin. Instead, I think sovereignty is a promise that it will all be healed in the end. Sovereignty means that all will be held. That God is at work to bring redemption and reconciliation, that somehow at the end of all things, we don't escape from the goodness that pursues us, the life we are promised, the love that redeems." -Sarah Bessey, Out of Sorts

With the passing of my friend Jane Lin an…

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