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Show Me The Way, Good Friday Reflections

In all my life I never imagined the scenario we collectively find ourselves in. Isolated, stricken with fear, confused, angry, and on the cusp of losing all hope. However, I think more than ever before, I get a sense of how the followers of Jesus might have been feeling after their King, their liberator, and their Lord was arrested and put to death. Death on a cross, the Roman torture device intended to bring upon the upmost shame to the lowest of criminals.

Our collective emotions only begin to scratch the surface of their let-down. These Jewish people had waited and waited for G-d to redeem them, to bring about his rule and reign on earth. In an almost vindictive way they would've been looking forward to the day when they could stick out their tongues to their Roman rulers and say "nana-nana boo boo, we're no longer under you."

On the first Good Friday, the day after passover, the Jewish holiday celebrating their historical liberation from another oppressive gover…

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