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Tijuana Day Trip

An itinerary of sorts from our day trip to Tijuana, plus places we didn't make it to.... yet. 
Our day started at 7:15 am, leaving the house unsure of what excitement the day would hold for us.

We made it to Chula Vista by 8:30 where we parked at the Palomar Trolley Center; after a quick bathroom break at the grocery store the trolley shares a parking lot with, we were en route to the US Mexico border by 8:45. 
We disembarked at the Blue Line's last stop, the San Ysidro border crossing, quickly exchanged some dollars for pesos and filed through the customs line. 
By 9:15 we were walking across the pedestrian skyway, moving much faster than any of the cars below us queuing up to cross the border. 
Our first stop was a walk to EstaciĆ³n Federal for a morning jolt at Nativo Coffee Community. 

After a delightful iced americano and a bit of sitting and acclimating ourselves, we quickly hailed an uber and were off to brunch atGeorgina.
It was hard to imagine we were in a city that a few peo…

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