Homemade Pasta Party

Saturday was my Mother-in-Law's birthday, to celebrate we surprised her with a pasta maker and a feast! 

We came over and presented her with a pasta maker and ravioli stamp, then said we'd like to use them with her now. Earlier in the day I had prepared a short rib ragu and dough, as well as the other items we'd need for our Italian spread. 

It all went swimmingly and we all agreed fresh pasta is truly superior to dried pasta. In a few weeks we are visiting my family in Texas and I look forward to emulating the experience with them. 

Enjoy some photos and see the whole menu below! 



Dinah’s birthday celebration

Provincial tomato crostini

Cheese ravioli
Fresh pappardelle
Short rib ragù

Formaggi e frutta
Fresh fruit with seasonal cheese

Dolce with Caffè
Cannoli with chocolate chips


“Cento di questi giorni”


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