The Sun | Nov 8th

Joan Miró - The Hunter (Catalan Landscape) 1924

  • This week on The Cut podcast the topic was "Am I radical enough?" | "In this week’s episode of The Cut podcast, host Avery Trufelman vocalizes what so many of us are thinking right now: In our current political climate, am I doing enough? Trufelman explores the concept of doing enough to elicit major change."
I'm a firm believer that we can never do enough, and the freedom of that belief is actually the only thing that keeps me politically engaged. Otherwise it's just a one way ticket to burn out city!

  • - A wishlist alternative to Amazon that I am actually finding easy to use and helpful! 

  • These red wine braised short ribs were an all star meal after a long day. I left them to cook for serveral hours in my crock pot and served them over creamy polenta and wowza -- home run! 

  • I love Christmas and I love history,  Lucy Worsley's 12 Days of Tudor Christmas has helped usher in the Christmas spirit for me. A line that I love from around the 38 minute mark: "For the Tudors praying and partying where all mixed up together." That's what I am hoping for my own holiday season! 

Yall be good, behave and be careful



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