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The Sun | November 15th

The Farm, 1922 Joan Miró  On Thursday I started brewing my own ginger beer and mead; opting out of commercial yeast for both. I am excited to see what happens in the fermentation process, if anything. I have them all in my fermentation station, next to my sourdough starter.  Speaking of mead, did you know Dylan Sprouse is a master brewer and makes mead for a living now?   More mead adjacent news:  Archaeologists Discover Viking Age Ship Burial in Norway Ok ok ok last thing mead related bullet point, I promise! This week I have been enjoying Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman . Very good prose and great stories! Enjoy this very silly excerpt pertaining to mead and farts. This week I revisited one of my favorite singer-song writers. Tyler James  takes me straight back to high school. It's hard to find his music online since he now performs in a band and has moved away from his solo work, but if you can find it it's super good.  I know the next couple months could be tough, lots of ti

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