New Month - October 2014

Hi guys - just a quick update on what's been happening in my life recently  This past Friday & Saturday our team helped run a M-Now conference for the students at City on a Hill. M-Now is all about training students in how to live out their lives as missionaries in their schools. 

Monday lots of the Pais guys & gals from around the DFW area went to an event called Belong at Antioch Church in downtown Dallas -- it was a night to fellowship, mingle, and connect with millennial Christians in the metroplex.

This Friday we are back in Eastern Hills high school all day teaching a lesson about identity- our aim is that the students would see that their identity comes from something greater than themselves - it comes from God!

Finally, this weekend I will be flying out to meet my new church in California. Be in prayer for this as we get all the details ironed out for the new church partnership & new pioneering team in California.

Some fun pictures from recently 
My mentee Ashton & I 

Jan- Niklas || our new youth merch 
Belong Event || Dallas
Group Shot || Belong Event
the hippest functions have polaroids 
Lots of people + great coffee

 Lots of love , jen xx


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