Seamwork Georgia

I am so pleased to share this dress with you, it came out better than I had expected! I had been stalled out on sewing for many months until I, in a storm of cough medicine and impulse energy from too many naps plus a dose of cabin fever, stormed into Joann's and then set up camp in my sewing room.

I emerged hours later looking like the crazy blonde lady in Sweeney Todd

I had sewn an actually wearable and very good dress! Not the most flattering on my body type, but oh so comfy and easy to throw on and go! 

Originally I thought I would wear the dress to the wedding, but since the pattern is more flowy than fitted I though it might be too casual. Plus since I had sewn it at home I was terrified that it possibly had weak seams and I might bend over and rip it open exposing all my bits to everyone. Instead I wore it to breakfast and on our drive home -- it was so comfortable all the way home! 
Pattern : Seamwork Georgia
Photographer : Robbie 

Last thing, please forgive my sleepy eyes, I hadn't had my coffee yet!



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